Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Screenflow 3 released

Screenflow 3 announcement includes quote from Digital Dazzle
Screenflow from Telestream is our favorite editor for Corporate Demo Versions. They just released version 3 of the software and were kind enough to include the following quote by us in their press release.
"ScreenFlow 3 provides huge productivity improvements for us," said Veit Irtenkauf, CEO and co-founder of Digital Dazzle, LLC. "In the past, we had to use third-party tools to highlight specific regions of the screen, blur sensitive information and draw freehand video annotations. With ScreenFlow 3, we can now do these directly inside the video editor, which speeds up our video editing workflow and allows us to turn around customer change-requests more quickly. ScreenFlow remains our editor-of-choice for our corporate video services."

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